The Show


The “SHOW” can be witnessed at various times in POC and in various places..

The “Show” can be witnessed at Froggies Marina and The Fishing Center on holiday afternoons, July 4th for example!  The “SHOW” is in reference to the two crowded boat ramps and boats full of people headed in to load their boat back onto the trailer.  Sounds simple right?  For some it is simple and for many it is the impossible quest.  It is some of the best, quality entertainment you will find in POC.  Wind, current, lack of boat driving skills, pressure from a couple of hundred spectators, and many other factors make the “SHOW” very funny and entertaining at times!!  Send your pics of the “SHOW” or any stories you have of the “SHOW” and we will get them up for everyone to enjoy.  Send pics and/or stories to

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