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Josie’s Cantina

Josie's Cantina

Josie’s started back in 1983 in a little portable building over near Froggies. The food was prepared to go only. The family owned business worked out of that location for 1 year. Cookie and Josie Covarrubias and their five daughters: Marie, Eloisa, Sylvia, Christina, and Kimberly all worked together to continue building their business. After that first year they moved locations to 610 Adams HW 185 in POC. One year later the family added a room to increase capacity and two years later added a second room. Now Josie’s can comfortably accommodate 100 guests with a maximum capacity of 125.

Josie’s specializes in cooking your catch. Fillet your catch and Josie’s staff will cook them to your liking. This is something that we all do and we all highly recommend it.

Josie’s burgers are tast...

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