Dale Bunting and Fish Sticks

Strawberry Grouper Wood Sculpture

Dale Bunting was born on March 25, 1954 in Houston, Texas.  He grew up in Houston spending time surfing, fishing, and hunting.  Knowing that he had a talent for art and working with his hands he started making wooden replicas of fish in 1990.  His friends thought the wooden replicas were cool and all wanted them.  Dale started making them and selling them to friends and worked it into a business called Fish Sticks.  Soon after he had Fish Sticks selling in 15 stores along the Gulf Coast.  He also has clients in Germany, France, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Italy.

The real life wooden fish replicas are handcrafted and astonishingly resemble Texas Game Fish.  Dale personally goes and searches for driftwood on the seashore, river banks, and lake shores.  Then he shapes them to resemble Texas Game Fish and hand paints each one with authentic detail.  His Fish Sticks include bass, flounder, trout, various grouper, snook, whale, mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, tarpon, marlin, sailfish, and many more!

Dale has had articles written about his Fish Sticks in the Houston Chronicle, Caller Times, Rockport Visitor Guide, Houston Design Magazine, and many others.  Some of his accomplishments and awards are:  Most Unique 2005 Houston Boat Show, Rockport Art Festival Best Of Show 2002, and Compelled To Create in the Corpus Christie Museum 2000.

Port O’Connor, Texas has been a full time home to Dale for 3 years but he has been spending time here in POC for 30 years.  He has 3 blonde headed daughters, the twins are 4 and the oldest is 8.  He has a dog that goes with him everywhere named Blue.

Fish Sticks are available here on POC Style in the Online Store at the link below:

Fish Stix

For more information or for a custom order call (281) 380  8222.

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  • Lisa Jenkins  says:

    Hello! LOVE your products! I believe you have helped us out in the past. Wanted to ask if there was any way you can help us again with something for our CCA Mid Coast Chapter Banquet in Victoria on Friday April 27? Yes, its coming up! Anything would be greatly appreciated and would love to have you in our banquet! Please let me know, Thank you,
    Lisa Jenkins

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