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Hurricane Junction Port O'Connor Texas

Hurricane Junction Port O'Connor TexasHurricane Junction has been re-opened by Jim Hooper.  Hooper is 54 and was born in Somerville, NJ.  His family moved to Houston when Hooper was young, he was raised there and graduated from Memorial High School.  Hooper has been coming to POC since 1974.  In his first year in POC he fished the Poco Bueno fishing tournament.

In January of 2008, a friend of his told him that she had the perfect project for him in Port O’Connor, he came down from Houston and took one look at the “old” Hurrican Junction that had been closed down for 8 years and said “I’m in”.  He closed on the Hurrican in April 2008.  He did a complete remodel and opened for business on July 17th 2008, the week of the Poco Bueno Tournament.  He serves beer, burgers, pizza, to go orders, and specials...

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