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The Show


The “SHOW” can be witnessed at various times in POC and in various places..

The “Show” can be witnessed at Froggies Marina and The Fishing Center on holiday afternoons, July 4th for example!  The “SHOW” is in reference to the two crowded boat ramps and boats full of people headed in to load their boat back onto the trailer.  Sounds simple right?  For some it is simple and for many it is the impossible quest.  It is some of the best, quality entertainment you will find in POC.  Wind, current, lack of boat driving skills, pressure from a couple of hundred spectators, and many other factors make the “SHOW” very funny and entertaining at times!!  Send your pics of the “SHOW” or any stories you have of the “SHOW” and we will get them up for everyone to enjoy...

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Old POC Stories

Old POC Stories

Old POC StoriesSend in your POC stories from yesterday or yester year and it will be posted here on POC STYLE!!!  Send your  story to

Here is a link to the POC Style “Old POC Photos”:

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POC Style Cocktail Contest

Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffet

James Fulbright and I pictured on the right having dinner and “cocktails” with Jimmy Buffet and his manager Mike Ramos in 2007.

Welcome to the POC STYLE cocktail contest!  Each year we will have a POC STYLE cocktail contest for the best libation concoction that represents the Port O’Connor lifestyle…

Email your cocktail’s name and ingredients and even a picture of it and we will hold a voting for number one later this summer.  The winner will recieve some free POC STYLE apparel, decals, and bragging rights for 1 year!!!

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Hurricane Junction

Hurricane Junction Port O'Connor Texas

Hurricane Junction Port O'Connor TexasHurricane Junction has been re-opened by Jim Hooper.  Hooper is 54 and was born in Somerville, NJ.  His family moved to Houston when Hooper was young, he was raised there and graduated from Memorial High School.  Hooper has been coming to POC since 1974.  In his first year in POC he fished the Poco Bueno fishing tournament.

In January of 2008, a friend of his told him that she had the perfect project for him in Port O’Connor, he came down from Houston and took one look at the “old” Hurrican Junction that had been closed down for 8 years and said “I’m in”.  He closed on the Hurrican in April 2008.  He did a complete remodel and opened for business on July 17th 2008, the week of the Poco Bueno Tournament.  He serves beer, burgers, pizza, to go orders, and specials...

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Dale Bunting and Fish Sticks

Strawberry Grouper Wood Sculpture

Dale Bunting was born on March 25, 1954 in Houston, Texas.  He grew up in Houston spending time surfing, fishing, and hunting.  Knowing that he had a talent for art and working with his hands he started making wooden replicas of fish in 1990.  His friends thought the wooden replicas were cool and all wanted them.  Dale started making them and selling them to friends and worked it into a business called Fish Sticks.  Soon after he had Fish Sticks selling in 15 stores along the Gulf Coast.  He also has clients in Germany, France, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Italy.

The real life wooden fish replicas are handcrafted and astonishingly resemble Texas Game Fish.  Dale personally goes and searches for driftwood on the seashore, river banks, and lake shores...

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The Fishing Center – Port O’Connor, Texas

The Fishing Center Port O'Connor Texas

Johnny and Georgia Hawes have owned The Fishing Center in Port O’Connor, Texas since 1991.  His 63 years of experience living the POC lifestyle will assure you that he and his staff can take care of all of your marina needs.  He has spent his entire life in POC, minus the three and a half years he spent serving the USA as a Navy Sea B.  He spent one year in Vietnam and a year and a half in New Foundland.  He returned to POC after his duty in the Service and started Auto Marine Parts and Service in 1977, he sold that business to Chris Mapp in 2001.  Johnny’s father “Buck” Lloyd Hawes was a POC native and was born on Matagorda Island.  They were ranchers and “Buck” also served in the USCG in POC until 1945...

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Josie’s Cantina

Josie's Cantina

Josie’s started back in 1983 in a little portable building over near Froggies. The food was prepared to go only. The family owned business worked out of that location for 1 year. Cookie and Josie Covarrubias and their five daughters: Marie, Eloisa, Sylvia, Christina, and Kimberly all worked together to continue building their business. After that first year they moved locations to 610 Adams HW 185 in POC. One year later the family added a room to increase capacity and two years later added a second room. Now Josie’s can comfortably accommodate 100 guests with a maximum capacity of 125.

Josie’s specializes in cooking your catch. Fillet your catch and Josie’s staff will cook them to your liking. This is something that we all do and we all highly recommend it.

Josie’s burgers are tast...

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2009 Results for POC BASH

Day 1 Weigh-In Results

Team Name Team # Angler 1 Angler 2 Count Dead Count Actual Weight Total Weight

1 Axiom Network 34 Gilmore, Wes (BF) Hollaway, Rhett (BF) 3 0 20.90 20.90

2 Allied Fire Protection 54 Hubbard, John (BF) Applebe, Jason (BF) 3 0 17.90 17.90

3 trucha Gorda 51 fluitt, Trent Yeates, David 3 1 17.00 16.50

4 Basci Bros 44 Basci, Oktay (BF) Basci, Tansel (BF) 3 0 16.00 16.00

5 Spot Chasers 85 Hurt, Brad (BF) Green, Clay (BF) 2 0 14.40 14.40

6 Gotta Go 33 Lester, Ken Rigby, Jerry 3 0 13.20 13.20

7 Kailuun Rods 38 Cruz, Arron (BF) Blackburn, Tommy (BF) 3 0 12.30 12.30

8 Hard Ten 1 Urban, Michael (BF) Miller, Ken (BF) 3 0 11.60 11.60

9 Strike Pro I 63 Pinter, Jamie (BF) Larue, Mike (BF) 2 0 11.10 11.10

10 SCB Boats 64 Simmons, Eric (BF) Lloyd, Jimmy (BF) 3 0 10.70 10.70

11 Soul Po...

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2009 Warrior’s Weekend

Warrior's Weekend

Warrior's WeekendThis year Warrior’s Weekend will be held May 16, 2009 in Port O’Connor.

Warrior’s Weekend is a family oriented event designed to help soldiers & their families participate in activities that take their minds off their grueling rehab & the struggles of their daily lives.   Warrior’s Weekend is an opportunity for us to show our appreciation & respect for those who volunteer to protect us & our country.

To kick off the event & raise money…there will be a Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament held Good Friday April 10 at Tanglewood Clubhouse.  There will be a meal at 5:00pm & games begin at 6:30pm.  Tickets are $100, pre-sale only.  Should any of you be interested OR know of anyone that would be interested, please let me know & I will collect & sign you up.
Should you have any questions or need ...

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Texas Gulf Coast Property – The Sanctuary at Costa Grande

Port O'Connor Real Estate

Port O'Connor Real EstateCosta Grande is located off of HW 185 right along the ICW in Port O’Connor. It is a gated community with clubhouse, pool, marina, and many other amenities. The waterfront homesites are huge and all are dockable with deepwater access. For more information contact Bill Cannan (281) 380 8222.

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